28 questions to ask when choosing a meeting venue


The following list is a useful guide to refer to when choosing an external venue for your meeting.

  1. Where is the venue? How easy is it to access from main routes?
  2. Are there good public transport links?
  3. Is there sufficient parking? if few or restricted – where is nearest parking facility? – free or paying?
  4. Do they have a locator map? (electronic if possible)
  5. How large is the venue and how busy is it? What other meetings are taking place on the same day? Will your meeting get the attention you deserve?
  6. Where is the room within the building?
    1. how easy will it be to get kit to the room
    2. is there a back access/lift etc
    3. access for any disabled guests
  7. Do they have availability? On the date you need and the time you want (allow at least 1 hour  before the event start time and after event close time to set up/breakdown etc).
  8. Room layout will it work for the layout you need? Allow room at front of room for screen, projector if presentations are taking place and for the Pinboards and kit. Also allow space for refreshments and syndicate work if taking place in the same room.
  9. How high are the ceilings? – too low and people can’t see and the room is oppressive, too high and it can echo.
  10. Where are the breakouts? If possible try to have refreshments/buffet in adjoining room so it does not encroach upon meeting room, and keeps catering noise to a minimum in conference room.
  11. Do they have sufficient electrical points for your equipment? – ie laptop and projector and possible catering equipment.
  12. Can they provide charging stations for mobile phones/tablets etc?
  13. Are there sufficient toilets? – can they deal with the numbers you intend to bring to the event?
  14. Does room have natural daylight? This is great but are there blinds/curtains in case it gets too bright?
  15. Do they have all the equipment you may need such as flipcharts/screen/projector/PA system/lectern?
  16. Do they have enough chairs and tables?
  17. How comfortable are the chairs?
  18. Is there a separate area for registration?
  19. Is the lighting adjustable?
  20. Is the room air conditioned?
  21. Is the venue clean?
  22. Does it smell fresh?
  23. Is there somewhere for delegates to hang their coats – ie cupboard or coat rack.
  24. Can they supply catering? Get copies of menus
  25. If providing catering do they have enough crockery/glasses, cutlery?
  26. If not, can they recommend any outside caterers? Remember that outside caterers will require access to kitchen ie fridge, perhaps warming facilities.
  27. Can delegates enter the building freely, or does the company have security procedures.
  28. Has this venue been recommended to you? Do they have any testimonials? Ask around if anyone has used it recently. Check Trip Adviser.

Can you think of anything else to ask? Please add your questions in the comments box below…


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