DIFASS Workshop Facilitation

I am privileged to be involved in the DIFASS European Programme. My role is to design and facilitate a series of workshops for the project partners to enable them to share and discuss good practice on Access to Finance for SME’s. We have been able to use some of the Pinboard Meeting techniques to gather everyone’s thoughts about the various good practices and vote on the best ideas to take forward into policy.

So how does it work?

After a presentation on the Good Practice from the local partner and a subsequent Q&A session everyone is asked to discuss the merits of the good practice in small groups around their tables.

The instructions for the session are to discuss and agree:

  • Strengths of the Good Practice – the aspects that would make the Good Practice attractive for transfer to other regions
  • Barriers to transfer – the aspects that would make it less attractive or more difficult for transfer to other regions.

Groups are then asked to write 2 or 3 the key strengths and barriers on large sticky notes which are posted to the flip charts – one for each good practice. After feedback everyone is given 3 coloured dots and asked to vote for their personal key strength and key barrier for each Good Practice. The results are photographed and taken forward to the policy documentation documents prepared after the workshops.

So what makes this approach different?

–       The method of voting enables everyone to participate equally in the process

–       Visualising the ideas on cards records the key points to take forward into policy

–       The photographs provide an accurate and detailed record of the discussion and results

This week I am in Sardinia facilitating the next round of Good Practices – 8 programmes are being presented and discussed. Check out the DIFASS You Tube Channel to see what the workshops have been achieving.