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I recently sent out a short 3 word survey to past clients and supporters of my work, and I was overwhelmed with the response. I created these word clouds based on the three questions:

One word to describe my work…

client feedback for imagistic
You said my work is…

One word to describe how my work makes you feel…

Client feedback - my work makes people feel...
You said my work makes you feel…

One word to describe working with me…

Imagistic client feedback, working with Emma is...
You said working with me is…

And here are some of the lovely testimonial I also received as part of the survey…

Working with Emma is a joy, the professional approach and meticulous care is wonderful, the images created are the legacy of a great event. I will definitely be asking Emma to work with me again.

Dr Tammi Sinha, University of Winchester

It’s always a joy to both work with Emma and to be at any event Emma is working at. Emma is hugely talented and that talent is matched with the care she takes to ensure she delivers just what is is you need. A joy to be around – thanks Emma.

Claire Godwin, Transformation Manager, Solent NHS Trust

Emma took my logo of an owl and created an image for me to demonstrate a business plan in the most simple and eye catching way by usi g a tree as a mind map! A brilliant illustration which I love to use in social media and marketing. Emma was so easy to chat with, put me at ease, and created a stunning, friendly illustration.

Alison Brown, Ali’s Therapy Academy

Emma’s work is colourful, creative, quirky and charming. I marvel at her ability to stay fully present and alert for lengthy periods, capturing all the key elements of a meeting or event. I would happily recommend Emma to anyone looking for a graphic recorder, designer or illustrator ☺️

I have seen Emma at work while graphic recording and been amazed at her ability to listen, identify key points and translate to a combination of words and pictures in a ‘live’ situation. Her work enlivens offers a new dimension to those involved in the meeting in the way they engage with unfolding discussion. Her drawings also provide a different way of reflecting on collective thinking once the meeting is over. Emma translates her ability to get to the heart of the matter, and then draw what she finds there, into helping people to translate their thinking into something more tangible. In my case it was about sending the right message to prospective clients of my coaching company, Alpamayo Coaching Ltd. She did a brilliant job as an artist but also as a coach to help me think and feel more authentically about what I wanted her to capture. At least as important as all of this is the fact that her output has a sense of happiness, whatever the content. It makes me smile!

Jeremy Hinks, Alpamayo Coaching

Emma has drawn for Community First at two recent events. She is the upmost professional and gives a new dimension to a formal event. Emma captures the day on one sheet of paper, leaving a lasting record of the event.

Janet Duggan, Community First

Emma has been a joy to work with – experienced, flexible, interested in the client and a strong desire to do a great job – and I was very proud to introduce her to, and to draw for, our clients for their staff conference. Her illustrations are creative, fun and pay attention to the key messages in a wonderfully visual way. Thanks Emma

Jo Desmond, Dragonfish

We have worked with Emma a few times now and each time she delivers inspiring pieces of artwork that have such high visual impact

Alison Jenkins helistrat

Emma has this ability to work in a highly inventive and creative way with both close detail and the whole picture . An extremely talented lady, she combines fun with information gathering in a way that is useful, memorable and totally unique.

Lisa Sturge
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