Crafting questions to set ideas in motion

keep asking questions

Setting ideas in motion

In Pinboard Meetings questions and statements are the starting point for every activity. They set the framework and guide the meeting towards its goals. Questions set processes in motion, unlock ideas, and reveal opinions and experiences.

Of course the getting the wording right is key and you should spend time writing and then testing your questions.

Some tips for crafting your question:

  1. Keep the goal in mind
  2. Always ask open ended questions. A good open question will:
      • Ask the participants to think and reflect
        • Collect opinions, experiences and ideas
        • Create the feeling of involvement – a well-crafted question will immediately transport the recipient into the situation you want them to think about.
      • Make your question easy to understand, use simple language and keep it short
  3. Test and test again

Great words to create stimulating questions…

  • How, what, why
  • Feel, think, need
  • Improve, change, overcome, achieve
  • Behaviours, characteristics, issues, factors, activities


(Michele Neuland, World of Moderation 1998)