Pinboard Meetings – what could you do?

Today I’ve been thinking about the many uses of Pinboard Meetings and how the technique can help businesses and public sector organisations to radically improve the way they gather opinions, generate ideas and make decisions with their staff, stakeholders, customers and communities.  In true pinboarding fashion I brainstormed the ideas and then created this visual to illustrate and map the results.

what could you do

This week I am looking forward to working with a delivery team to develop a 3 year vision for their services to the local community.  Pinboard Meetings are a great way to get your team thinking about what they need to achieve and how they are going to do it. With a facilitated Pinboard Meeting you can:

  • Inspire your team to create a shared vision
  • Engage them to agree their way forward
  • Empower them to put their plans into action

How could you use a Pinboard meeting with your team?