Postcards from Pinboard Meetings


Great ideas for using Postcards in your business

I got very excited this week as my snazzy new Pinboard Postcards were delivered. I immediately wrote two and popped them in the post – one to say ‘thank you’ to my business mentor Claire Godwin and one to say ‘hello’ to a new contact and to confirm a meeting next week. As I took a photo for my Facebook page I thought it might be useful to share my ideas and how I plan to use the postcards…

In the world of online communications it might seem a little old fashioned to use postcards but they fit well with the Pinboard Meeting techniques where all thoughts and ideas are recorded on cards and visualised on the pinboards.

And my Postcards will work hard for me – I thought carefully about the design so the cards have multiple uses. You can see that on the front there is an empty bubble (just waiting for an idea!) and on the back there is space for a note and postal address and a little photo of me to remind the person looking at the card who I am plus my contact details. I plan to use the cards for my business and at Pinboard Meetings:

Postcards for my business:

  • Instead of business cards.
  • To say hello to people I meet and follow up with them.
  • To confirm a meeting date.
  • To say thank you for a meeting, some help or advice.
  • For announcements and invitations.
  • And more… in fact for any note short enough to go on a postcard!

Postcards at Pinboard Meetings:

  • As header cards when clustering ideas.
  • To follow up with the meeting sponsor post meeting.
  • To record individual pledges for action or change:
  • Each participant is given two cards and asked to write their ‘action’ or ‘do differently’ on the front of each.
  • One card is shared with the group, posted on a Pinboard and photographed with the meeting outcomes.
  • The other card is for them to take away and stick to their noticeboard or PC as a reminder of the meeting and of what they decided to do.

Hope this has been useful. Do you use postcards in your business? What else could you use a postcard for?


PS. If you are thinking of doing something similar – make sure the card is at least 300gsm so the writing doesn’t bleed through.