Road maps and visual plans

Community of Practice

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Community of Practice meeting hosted by Bournemouth University. The CoP is lead by Dr Tammi Sinha a senior lecturer at Winchester Business School and Nigel Ward of A3 Tranining. This year the group have been focusing on sharing ideas around ‘Introducing Visual Concepts to our Workplace’.

Road Maps and Visual Plans

The meeting I attended introduced the group to Road Maps and Visual Plans. Wow it was great to be in a room full of people who all thought like me! Firstly we introduced ourselves by putting a sticky on a time line showing when and how you were introduced to the group and then in no time at all we’d filled a wall with our personal road maps – graphic representations of how we came to be in the room today. We were also introduced to the concept of visual business plans and story boards.

My road map is on the top right hand cornecop road mapsr of the photo






Great stuff! And I was hooked. Graphic facilitation is something I’ve wanted to develop for a while so I came home and ordered David Sibbet’s book Visual Meetings which pulls together all the thinking about visual facilitation – lots of the ideas grew from the Neuland Methodology I use to facilitate now – and I am inspired to start adding more pictures and images into my work.  Going back to the road map idea that Tammi shared with us at the Cop, David Sibbet develops that idea further so not only do you look at what has brought you here, with the highs and the lows, you also look into the future. Here’s one I made earlier…

road map

This activity is great for scene setting and visioning for future success. You could it individually to share personal stories when getting to know each other. Or as a group to create a shared view and vision for a project or organisation.


Thanks to Dr Tammi Sinha for sharing the concept and welcoming me to the group.

Source: Visual Meetings by David Sibbett