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I’m Emma Paxton and I am a Graphic Recorder and Illustrator. I create visual notes of your meeting in real-time and images to help communicate complex ideas. 

I have been self employed since 2010 after a career in event management spanning 20 years and 1000’s of b2b learning events designed and delivered for Business Link. During that time I also developed my facilitation skills, using Pinboard Meeting techniques to facilitate team away days, stakeholder consultation, planning sessions and more.

I launched Pinboard Meetings in 2011 to focus on meeting design and conference facilitation and but as my artistic services and skills blossomed it was clear that a new image was required so Imagistic was created in 2016.  

Now I focus on creating hand drawn visuals that engage minds, explain ideas and embed learning, I draw live at events to capture the key ideas and outcomes, and create event branding, materials and ‘visual widgets’. I create hand-drawn infographics or rich pictures to communicate complex ideas and information. Plus I design and draw posters, planners, postcards and more! 

To find out what my clients think of my work and to read some lovely testimonials, click here.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile for details about my career, projects, recommendations and endorsements.

And if you’d like to get to know me a little bit more then watch this podcast recorded with PR superstar Gill Simmons where we talked about my work and how I became a Graphic Recorder.  And this episode of Colleagues Getting Coffee with Annelies James where we get the pens out and do a bit of drawing together as we chat.

You may also like to see examples of my work:

Graphic Recording

Or give me a call to discuss your ideas and plans on 0787 668 7741.

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