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Apprenticeship Tool kit for Learning Providers

Recently I was contacted by Alphi, the Association of Learning Providers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. They asked me to help create an Apprenticeship Tool kit that they could take into schools to engage the pupils in a discussion about their future careers.

We discussed how best to use the apprenticeship tool kit with school children and came up with a series of posters that could be laminated and given to the children to get them thinking. We asked questions about where that person might work, how much they might earn, what they might do and what their qualifications might be.

The materials included a selection of apprenticeships, a road map, a poster for employers and several buildings to encourage the children to think about who might work there. Here a few examples:

Apprenticeship tool kit created for Alphi
Apprenticeship Resource Pack

If you are interested in using the Apprenticeship Tool Kit in your region please get in touch.

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