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Free Covid-19 Printables

This Won't Be Forever Poster

I’ve created some fun and playful Covid-19 Printables which I”m sharing here for free.

I love that my work brings a smile and gets shared and used by people around the world, and its especially important in these difficult times that we keep positive and ‘find the fun’ (to quote Mary Poppins).

Please feel free to down load these Covid-19 printables and share them with your friends and family…

Firstly we have a set of printable cards for remote meetings – just a bit of fun – but how many times have you scribbled ‘turn the sound on’ and waved it at the camera??

Secondly my This Won’t be Forever Poster. This was inspired by similar pieces being created around the world by fellow graphic recorders, and it helped me get my creative mojo back after lockdown began. All the ideas were contributed by friends. It’s been lovely to see it being shared by individuals, charities, schools and colleges, by the NHS in A&E and doctors surgeries and even by the Army!

I’ve also included a black and white version for you or your children to colour in. Plus a Welsh version and one for Ireland, both in colour and black and white.

Thirdly my Stay at Home Well Being Bingo. The idea for this came from comments on Linked In about my poster.

And finally for now a new poster created for Solent Mind for #mentalhealthawarenessweek. Their topic this year is Kindness so the poster offers a few ideas.

Printable Cards for Remote Meetings

Free covid-19 printables - A set of cards for remote meetings

This Won’t be Forever Poster

Free Covid-19 Printables - This Won't be Forever Poster

Stay at Home Well Being Bingo

Stay at Home Well Being Bingo

Mental Health Awareness Week

Be Kind Poster from Imagistic

A lovely new poster created for Solent Mind on the subject of Kindness – their topic for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

2021 Planners

You might also like to download my set of 2021 planners to help keep you on track. There’s a day, week and monthly planner and they are also totally free!

Here’s a link to the page

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