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Capturing Conversations so everyone can see the Big Picture

Created live and in real-time a graphic recording captures key ideas and messages as they unfold during a meeting or conference. Watching the drawing progress engages the participants and helps make the information more memorable – ideas are connected and creativity stimulated.

The graphic recording documents the meeting and acts as a collective memory bank for the participants and of course you get a unique visual artefact which can be displayed and shared after the event.

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If you would like to find out more about graphic recording, how it works and how I work then please read on…

What are the benefits of graphic recording?

  • Everyone can see the meeting unfold, follow the flow of ideas as they progress, see the big picture and make connections between ideas
  • It makes the information more memorable – many of us are visual learners who find it easier to store and recall information when it’s presented visually
  • You get a visual record of your meeting – display the original images in your office and share the photographs with a wider audience. Great for social media!

How is the graphic recording created?

There are various different ways I can draw for you – big and small! This image will give you an idea about the various options and we can talk about what is best for your event.

When can graphic recording be used?

Graphic Recording takes place ‘real time’ whilst an event is in progress.

  • At meetings I can record the discussion as it unfolds, or include some facilitation to help you through the process.
  • At conferences I can record keynote presentations, panel discussions, Q & A, and workshop outcomes. As individual sessions and/or to bring together the key messages from the entire event.
  • I can also record webinars and podcasts either in real time or from the recording  – it’s a great way to create compelling visual content for your website and social media.
  • I can also join your zoom meetings and draw live to capture the content of your meeting. Instead of seeing me you will see my iPad so everyone can see the drawing created in real time. I can also screen share as the meeting progresses and provide a digital image immediately after the meeting.
  • In fact Graphic Recording can be used at all sorts of events – here are a few ideas:

Event materials and ‘Visual Widgets’

In addition to providing a graphic recording service at events I also help with the branding and create bespoke event materials such as slides, postcards, event evaluations, signage, visual agendas, notes pages and action plans, visual templates for group work, welcome walls and sign up sheets.  And anything else you can think of!

Working with me!

I am always happy to chat over ideas at any time in the planning process – I think its essential that the graphic recording element is seen as part of the event and I want to be sure that the images I create on the day deliver what you need. I can provide images in advance to warm up the audience, talk with your event team and facilitator and even visit the venue to make sure there is space for me on the day!

After the event I can provide photographs of the recording, convert the content into fresh digital images and even create a whiteboard animation to summarise and tell the story of your event.

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