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Celebrating Imagistic’s 3rd Birthday

This month I’m celebrating Imagistic’s 3rd Birthday! 3 wonderful years of drawing nearly every day and working with some lovely and extremely varied clients.

Back in 2016 I rebranded from Pinboard Meetings to Imagistic to reflect the changing nature of my work and I haven’t looked back. This has been my busiest year to date and I’m still constantly amazed to be invited to get involved with fantastic events and draw all sorts of digital illustrations. My recent post looking back at 2018 will give you an idea of the breadth of projects I’ve undertaken recently.

So reflecting on the last 3 years here the best bits so far:

  1. 2016: Helping to organise the UK’s first gathering of visual practitioners in Cambridge in 2016. This coincided with my rebrand and back then I was in the company of my heroes – I’d been stalking these people on social media for over a year and here I was hosting their conference! I was so nervous I didn’t draw one thing at the event but in the three years since the event these wonderful, generous folk have become my friends, colleagues and a constant source of inspiration. We meet regularly and occasionally have the opportunity to work together and it’s always a fantastic experience.
  2. 2017: My first big live illustration gig – an annual conference for a national construction company. The MD was apprehensive about having me along and we did a lot of prep so he knew what my drawing might look like and thankfully it turned out better than I could have hoped. The graphic recording was scanned and printed for all their offices with the digital version displayed on meeting room screen.
  3. 2018: There are so many highlights from last year so I am choosing two. Graphic recording for the National Trust was a definite biggie – and the original drawing is now on display in their head office. And an illustration job I that really stretched me was a Vision Picture for a genomics company that needed to be printed the size of a wall. The finished illustration looks great and I’m super proud that it’s displayed in their building.

And what have I learnt?

Keep a sketchbook – last summer I finally braved up and started a sketchbook whilst at a music festival, drawing actual people has always scared me but I gave it a go and could see the improvement over the 4 days of the festival – helped of course by the odd beer or two!

Ask for help – this is a recent one and I was amazed at the response when I asked for advice.

Network – and do it regularly. I have a lovely women in business group I go to whenever I can and Linked in Locals have been great in helping me promote my business. I’ve also finally started going along to our local networking group in Gosport where it’s great to connect with other local businesses.

You can’t have too many pens… its true.

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