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From Pinboard Meetings to Imagistic!

Over the last year my services have expanded from meeting facilitation and conference design to include graphic recording and more recently illustration and design so it seemed an ideal time to change the name and image of my business.

After much googling I chose the name Imagistic – from the modernist poetry movement of the early 1900’s Imagism – a type of poetry that describes images with simple language and great focus. I thought it was a perfect word to describe my work – and I also like the idea of it being a little bit magical when drawings unfold in front of the audiences’ eyes!

This is a poem by Imagist poet Hilda Dolittle – which is so descriptive I had to have a go at drawing it…

Imagist Poem Oread by Hilda Dolittle
Imagist Poem ‘Oread’ by Hilda Dolittle



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