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Three Word Survey

Imagistic client feedback, working with Emma is...
You said working with me is…

I recently sent out a short three word survey to previous clients and supporters of my business. I wanted something that was short and easy to complete because I wanted to be able to visualise the results, and as an afterthought I added a box for testimonials. I was completely amazed at the response, firstly that people had taken the time to complete the survey and even more so at the amount of testimonials I received.

The questions I asked were:

One word to describe my work… the most popular answer to this question was INSPIRING, followed by CREATIVE and FUN.

One word to describe working with meFUN came first, followed by ENJOYABLE and EASY.

One word to describe how my work make you feel… some interesting answers to this one but HAPPY came out on top followed by MOTIVATED and INSPIRED.

When it came to visualising the results I decided to create some word clouds based on these three questions. The images can be found here along with some of the lovely testimonials I received.

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