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Trauma Informed Barnardo’s

I’ve recently been working at the Trauma Informed Barnardo’s events – two leadership conferences aimed at helping the organisation become more trauma informed and responsive.

Prior to the event I created a few items to support the conference, helping embed the idea of graphics and drawing being part of the event. These included:

  • Conference Logo which went on everything from signage to slides
  • Visual Agenda
  • Welcome Postcard with Conference Aims on the reverse
  • Question Card given to everyone on arrival
  • Evaluation Card given to everyone on the last day

I also took along a few extra drawing boards and set up some graffiti walls with changing questions each day designed to encourage audience participation and to get them thinking about the subjects under discussion.

Illustrations for Trauma Informed Barnardos
Illustrations created to support the Trauma Informed Barnardo’s events

At the events I worked closely with the trainer Dr Karen Treisman to create a new graphic recording each day, with the previous day’s illustration being displayed for photos and to remind everyone what they covered the day before.

Here are the outcomes of the most recent event in Manchester:

Graphic Recording for #TraumaInformedBarnardos
Day 1 at Trauma Informed Barnardo’s
Live Illustration at #TraumaInformedBarnardos
Day 2 at Trauma Informed Barnardo’s
Live Scribing at #TraumaInformedBarnardos
Day 3 at Trauma Informed Barnardo’s

After the event the graphics were scanned to give a high resolution image that can reproduced in any way. The original 3 metre drawings are heading to Scotland where they hope to find some wall space to display them on their journey to become Trauma Responsive Barnardo’s.

And what did I learn? That working closely alongside both the event team and the trainer helps me produce much better, more detailed and informed work. I’ve also created a whole raft of Illustrations for Karen Treisman but more about those in another post!

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