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Visualising Success with Live Illustration

A new business support partnership launched in Portsmouth this year and I was super excited to be invited to draw at their event.

Gethin Jones, who co-founded Synergy Success Network along with Mark Legg, took the chair, quizzing a panel of local entrepreneurs to find out what made them so successful. Fab Forhad, Sarah Goodall, Ian Gribble and Carl Hewitt were all grilled by Gethin and it was a fun, fast moving event to capture.

SSN is already growing and as Gethin and Mark have enough energy for 20 people I am sure their new venture is going to fly. Their success mantra is Think It, Say It, Do it – follow their hashtag #tisidi for more information.

Mark and Gethin also asked me to draw them a Vision Picture to summarise their purpose, vision, values, and their plans for the future. We met and chatted for a while and I took a big pile of notes away with me, pondered for a while, and presented them back with this drawing:

Vision picture for Synergy Success Network including purpose, vision and values of the business.
Synergy Success Network Vision Picture

I always like to make my drawings work hard for my clients so I also created a blank version they can use as a visual template when working with their clients.

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