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Here are some examples of my live graphic recording work. I’ve included examples of my live event work where I’m in the room drawing with pens and paper digital graphic recording where I’m working remotely and sharing my iPad through your meeting platform.

Please get in touch if you would like a chat about your next event.

‘In the room’ Graphic Recording

These are all examples of ‘in the room’ graphic recording with pens and paper! See below for remote, digital graphic recording.


Virtual Graphic Recording

Since Covid 19 came into our lives I’ve been offering online graphic recording which has become more popular as time has gone on and meeting organisers are becoming more aware of the need to keep participants attention whilst on a video call.

Virtual graphic recording works particularly well over Zoom. I can stream my iPad into your meeting so instead of seeing my webcam you see my iPad which can be pinned alongside the current speaker and everyone can watch the drawing evolve in real time. This worked particularly well at the Car Free Mega Cities event.

I’m finding that online meetings are much shorter than real life meetings so I usually allow time after the meeting to tidy up the image – that of course is the beauty of drawing digitally v. on paper – its easy to make amends! I also tend to create more than one image – as you can see from some of the examples below, there are several graphics per event rather than one big image.

Digital Graphic Recording For Publicis Sapient
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