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Your Thinking is Your Superpower

Recently I had the pleasure of working with author, corporate and personal development consultant and (most importantly) friend Martine Bolton to create illustrations for her book, Your Thinking is Your Superpower. A book about understanding the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions and using that to make changes to transform our lives. I think Martine herself describes the essence of the book the best,

“Our thinking can either be our superpower – enabling and empowering us to enjoy life and achieve our goals and dreams, or it can be our Kryptonite – draining our power and causing unhappiness, problems and dysfunction. Many of us experience a significant amount of faulty or unhelpful thinking that gets in the way of our happiness, health, success and prosperity, including:

  • Worry, fear and self-doubt 
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Negative and limiting beliefs
  • Perfectionism, criticism and comparison
  • Foggy thinking, scattered thinking
  • Over-thinking.

This book will enable you to identify and conquer your Kryptonite, and supercharge how you think, how you feel, and what you do, in order to transform the results that you’re getting.”

So how did I get to work on this fabulous project?

I have known Martine for a few years after first meeting at a local networking group. She has worked on the book for over a year now, so I knew the illustrations had to be special. After chatting through what the book was about and Martine saying she wanted it to be fun and unique to her I got to work. As this is such a special project to her, she was very involved in the process and I loved working closely together to bring her vision to life. I am so proud with the end result and feel it portrays the books message perfectly.

For the inside of the book I created some simple black and white images, which were a huge contrast to the lovely colourful illustration on the front cover above, but when teamed with Martine’s words were no less powerful. I love how sometimes a very simple illustration can instantly bring someone’s words to life and I think these did just that. 

Want to unlock your superpower?

As they say, ‘it takes a village’ and that is also true when it comes to writing a book. Martine worked with great people like Lyn Thurman of Quiet Rebel Bureau  who helped her with typesetting as well as getting the book online and in print. 

Rather than using a publisher Martine chose to self-publish her book through Amazon. This is a really great way to get your book out to the world and so easy (let’s be honest Amazon makes everything easy). What’s great is you are completely in control! This is how Amazon describes the process,

“You upload your own content. Write your own sales copy. Decide how much your book should cost. And once published your book will appear on Amazon within two days. As an author, you can also distribute your book globally and publish your book in multiple languages. You keep your copyrights and derivative rights. You publish on your own schedule.” 

If you’d like to find out more about publishing your work through Amazon there are loads of great resources on Amazon’s own website, but a great place to start would be this article, Publish your book.

So now it’s time to unlock your own superpower, simply follow this link – Your Thinking is Your SuperpowerAs well as paperback you can also download directly to your Kindle.

I would also recommend you taking a look at Martine’s website – As well as writing fabulous books, Martine also provides training, development and wellbeing services with an ‘inside/out’ focus.

“My mission is to help as many people and organisations as possible to transform the results they’re getting, and become happier, healthier, and more successful.”

As well as finding out more about her consultancy services, the Sunshine website is also jam packed with amazing resources, it’s definitely worth a look! 

I’d love to illustrate your book! 

I’ve created illustrations for a few books now and love seeing them on my bookshelf. I also draw visual summaries of books, my latest being How to Age Joyfully (link How to Age Joyfully blog).

If you would like a book illustrated or a visual summary drawn, please do get in touch, I’d love to chat.

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